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Seedling Papaya Plants

The Seedling Papaya Plants is an important cash crop in India. This Seedling Papaya Plant is commercially raised from seed and products fruits in about a year.

Mode of Application / Agronomy 

  • Variety : Papaya - Red Lady -786, a Gynodioecious commonly called bisexual types, exotic variety have been found promising.
  • Season of planting : Feb -March (summer), June - July (monsoon) and September - October (Early Winter).
  • Spacing : 7 7 feet or 8  6 feet
    Note : *varies with field 'conditions,
    Note :**Red Lady 786 is Papaya variety of Known-You Seed Co. Ltd


Soil A well-drained sandy loam soil rich in organic matter > 20% is the best for papaya cultivation.
Days to flowering 7 to 8 months after planting.
Harvesting Fruit become ready within 2 to 2.5 months after flowering.
Yield 50 to 70 kg / plant*,
Climate It is tropical plant but can grow very well in sub-tropical regions.