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TC Pointed Gourd Plants

TC Pointed Gourd Plant is a tropical vegetable crop with origin in the Indian subcontinent. This Pointed Gourd Plant is known by the name of Parwal, Palwal, or Parmal, Pattol in different parts of India and is one of the important vegetables crop in India.

  • Spacing : The distance of planting depends upon plant population, soil fertility and irrigation method (drip or flood). Generally farmers are keeping distance of 5 '5 or 4 '4 feet or 5 X 2 feet with ratio of 9 female of male


Days to flowering 120 days to 140 days
Harvesting Picking up - Every Week
Yield Approximate 15 to 20 t/ha*
Soil Sandy loam to clay soil is suitable for growing crop
Climate The optimum range of temperature is 28oC to 30oC/ Dry weather after monsoon
Variety Local variety having a long (5" to 6") and soft fruits
Season of planting September-November (Early Winter)
Note *varies with field conditions